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1988: The Aftermath
Pictures and descriptions courtesy of Melissa Buxton

Bus number 306,
otherwise known as "shit-0-6."
The bar behind the driver's seat was bent from the impact of the semi. The man in front of the bus is Frank DaVilla, driver of the bus during the accident.
Rear driver's side of the bus
Close-up of the back of the bus
Passenger's side. Broken window where Larry Yonker went out.
Driver's side of the bus
The back of the bus with Frank DaVilla
Close-up of where I [Melissa Buxton] was sitting. The "KB" on the window is where Kari Braman and Cory Hutchison's seat was. You can see how the impact rearranged the bus.
The picture of the floor is from the back axle coming up from impact and buckling it.
Quade Funnicum was lying down on the back seat and Jim Pecora was sitting of the floor. Notice how the back corner of the seat almost touches the back of the seat in front of it -- that's where Quade's head was.
Another view of inside bus. Bob "Waz" Waskoviak standing in back.
This is Larry sitting on the edge of his seat by the window he went through.

"One more note: I don't know if this is true or not, but we were told the press had gotten into the bus and moved the seats around so it looked worse than it was." -Melissa Buxton

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