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 NA/Saginaires Alumni

Are you an alumni and/or former staff member who would like to be included on this page? Tell the webmaster via e- mail or fill out the form, and you'll be included ASAP! Listing includes a free membership in the newly-formed Saginaires Alumni Association, which provides quarterly e-mail newsletters and occasional goodies via U.S. Mail.

Unlinked e-mail addresses are the last known e-mail address and are no longer active. If you have information regarding these individuals, please contact the webmaster.

Last Updated: 20 March 2000
Jeff Adamick:
Currently located in Traverse City, MI
Tympani, 1978
Snare, 1979


Tom Adams:
Bass Drum, 1995
Snare, 1996
Michelle Adkins:
Currently located in Tallahassee, FL
Pit/Front Line, 1995
Ali Ahmad:
Cymbals, 1994
Marched Glassmen, 95/7: Pit/2nd Bass.
Currently studying pol. sci. at the Univ. of Michigan. Should graduate Dec. 1999.
Valerie Albin McBurney:
Currently located in Inverness, FL
Colorguard, 1977
Married Dave in '78 and marched 27th Lancers in '79 and '94. We moved to FL in '83 and have 3 kids. 0ur oldest, Sean, marched (haha, pit) in Suncoast Sound in '93 and '95 and has been in Spirit of Atlanta since fall '95. Our daughter, Shannon, marched guard in Heat Wave Sr. Corps '95-'97 and Spirit in '98. Dave and I have been playing baritone in Heat Wave since '92 and are charter members. Our youngest son, Scott, is also in Heat Wave, doing props in the shows and carrying banner for parades, he is an aspiring drummer.
Mary Allen:
Currently located in Allen Park, MI
Pit/Front Line, 1984
Colorguard, 1985
Instructed Coachmen 1986 - Marched/Attended WMU '85-'90 - Employed with MSX, Vehicle Integration - Continue to play with Livonia & Dearborn Symphonies. Engaged to be married 9/30/2000 to Michael Pinkowski of Allen Park.

Dave Armbruster:

Soprano, 1991 1992 1993 1994
Drew Augustine:
Pit/Front Line, 1996
Matt Basner:
Currently located in Saginaw, MI
Contrabass, 1994 1995 1996
Jim Batcheller:
Currently located in Norman, OK
Program Coordinator Brass Staff, 1987
Brass Staff, 1983 1986
Kristen Miller Bielski:
Mellophone, 1979 1980 1981 1982
Visual/Marching Staff, 1990 1991 1992
Ralph Biggs:
Pit/Front Line, 1993 1994
Snare, 1995
Brent "Wacky D" Bones:
Currently located in Redmond, WA
Bass Drum, 1995 1996
Dana Ross Boutwell:
Currently located in Fairfield, IL
Colorguard, 1992 1994
Wayne Bovenschen:
Currently located in Stillwater, OK
Percussion Staff, 1984 - 1988


Tricia Bailey Bovenschen:
Currently located in Stillwater, OK
Snare, 1985 - 1988
Russ Braman:
Currently located in Richmond, VA
Euphonium, 1986
Contrabass, 1987
Baritone, 1988
Visual/Marching Staff, 1990 - 1993


Kari Braman:
Currently located in Lansing, MI
Pit/Front Line, 1986 - 1992
Kirsten Brink:
Pit/Front Line, 1996
Melissa Buxton:
Currently located in DeKalb, IL
Pit/Front Line, 1987 - 1989
Debbie Buxton:
Baritone, 1991 1992
Missy Capolingua:
Currently located in Rochester Hills, MI
Colorguard, 1995 1996
DeAnne Carr:
Colorguard, 1988 - 1991
Bill Case:
Currently located in Bay City, MI
Contrabass, 1982
Katie Cavanaugh:
Currently located in Ferndale, MI
Colorguard, 1996
Robert Champion:
Drum Major, 1976
Baritone, 1973 1974 1975
Chris Chiapelli:
Baritone, 1996
Ondraus Cissell:
Staff, 1989
Michael Clark:
Visual/Marching Staff, 1976 1977 1978
Grover Clark:
Currently located in Flint, MI
Colorguard, 1974
Mellophone, 1976 1977 1978 1979
Pretorian Flushing MI 1968-71
Flint Guardsman 1972
Dan "Lieutenant Dan" Clouse:
Currently located in Mt. Pleasant, MI
Contrabass, 1994 1995
Baritone, 1996


Matt "Wolfgang" Clouse:
Currently located in Hudsonville, MI
Soprano, 1994


Diana Cook:
Currently located in Bowling Green, OH
Soprano, 1995 1996
Volunteer, 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Marched 1997 in the Bluecoats -- Mellophone II ageout
Currently webmaster for Northern Aurora
Co-founder of the Saginaires Alumni Association
Jeffrey “Li’l Cruiser” Cook:
Currently located in Wilmington, DE
Soprano, 1977 1981
Baritone, 1978
Contrabass, 1979 1980 1982

Carrie Crose:

Soprano, 1995
Steve Cross:
Currently located in MI
Visual/Marching Staff, 1996
Dawn Crowe Rayens:
Currently located in Ft. Stewart, GA
Pit/Front Line, 1992

Joe Davis:

Currently located in Davison, MI
Contrabass, 1995 1996
Lloyd Davis:
Contrabass, 1986
Matt Davis:
Snare, 1996
Brian "Little Man" DePlonty:
Currently located in Saginaw, MI
Soprano, 1988 - 1994
Drum Major, 1993
Horn Sergeant, 1994
Visual/Marching Staff, 1996
Scott Divish:
Currently located in Warrensburg, MO
Soprano, 1983
Steve Divish:
Equipment Management, 1983
Tim Donlan:
Baritone, 1989 1990
William Doran:
Baritone, 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981


CT Douglass:
Cymbals, 1994
Currently going to The Art Institute of Seattle, and teaching high school drumlines, own a record company and am in an alternative folk rock band.
Dave Drake:
Brass Staff, 1995 1996
Brass Caption Head, 1996
Lani Weingartner Drake:
Baritone, 1996
Randy Dudek: RSDudek@Teleweb.Net
Currently located in Clarkston, MI
Soprano, 1992 1993
Brian Ellis:
Currently located in Perryville, KY
Drum Major, 1990 1991 1992
Kyle Enevoldsen:
Tenors, 1994
Jodi “Frogg” Eschenbacher Remington:
Currently located in Bay City, MI
Mellophone, 1991
Contrabass, 1993
I am sorry that I had to leave in 1993 because of a medical problem. I regretted it for a long time. I am now married and am 3 classes from graduating from college. :-)

Landon Ewers:

Snare, 1995 1996
Drum Sergeant, 1996
Becky Fathers:
Currently located in Madison Heights, MI
Mellophone, 1995
Bill Faulds:
Staff, 1977 1978 1979 1980
Les Fine:
Bass Drum, 1983
Tenors, 1984
Pit/Front Line, 1985
Married to Terri Marble colorguard 84,85 Band Director in Tawas, MI.

Quade Finnicum:

Currently located in Whitmore Lake, MI
Tenors, 1987 1988
Percussion Staff, 1991
Member of the 1989 Suncoast Sound Quad Line
Member of the 1990 Cavaliers Quad Regime
Member of the Michigan State University Drumline
Graduated Michigan State University, BA in Telecommunications
Married August 7th, 1999
Still Alive


Jamie Fitzpatrick:
Currently located in Saginaw, MI
Cymbals, 1989
Pit/Front Line, 1990
Bass Drum, 1991
Snare, 1992 1993


Jessie "Batgirl" Fleming:
Currently located in Fort Wayne, IN
Baritone, 1995
Mellophone, 1996
Kent Franchino:
Currently located in Canton, MI

Erin Gaines:

Fourbears Sonny George:
Baritone, 1996
Bianca George:
Currently located in Ann Arbor, MI
Mellophone, 1996
Angi "Shorty" Gladieux:
Colorguard, 1995
Ed Glazer:
Snare, 1993
Brian Gropp:
Currently located in Bloomington, IN
Cymbals, 1994
Eric Hahn:
Baritone, 1986
Brad Halls:
Snare, 1981 1982
Percussion Staff, 1986
Larry Hammond:
Currently located in Bay City, MI
Snare, 1965 - 1974
Percussion Staff, 1976 - 1984
I am one of the First Five members of the Saginaires. Five of us showed up for the first meeting of the new Corps. in January of 1965. I remember meeting Bob Waskoviak, Tom Sims, and Bill Gilson at the meeting held at Consumers Power in Saginaw. A film was presented explaining Drum & Bugle Corps.
In 1972, I marched briefly with the Glassmen playing Soprano, and earning my "Glassmen 'G'" award and went with them to the "World Open", Lynn Mass. Won arm-wrestling title on bus during trip.
Jon Harmon:
Currently located in Austin, TX
Bass Drum, 1992
Currently a grad student at the University of Texas at Austin.


Frank Harris:
Baritone, 1977
John Hartwick:
Soprano, 1989 - 1993
Brass Staff, 1996
Ed "Mr. Bumpy" Hartwick:
Currently located in Cass City, MI
Mellophone, 1995
Jason Herbert:
Currently located in Ft. Thomas, KY
Contrabass, 1991 1992 1993
Visual/Marching Staff, 1994
Christie Hill Martin:
Pit/Front Line, 1992 1993 1994

Russ Hilton:

Soprano, 1983
Baritone, 1984
Brass Staff, 1991
Sara Hofer:
Pit/Front Line, 1995
Melissa Hogan:
Currently located in Lansing, MI
Visual/Marching Staff, 1991
Jerry Horn:
Soprano, 1977
Drum Major, 1978 1979


Matt Huber:
Currently located in Rochester Hills, MI
Pit/Front Line, 1994
Greg Hughes:
Pit/Front Line, 1990
Josh "Bubble" Humphrey:
Soprano, 1996
Cory Hutchison:
Currently located in Lansing, MI
Pit/Front Line, 1988 1989 1990 1991
Pit Instructor, 1992 1993 1994
currently employed with the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps as percussion instructor, 1995 - present
Chad Imbrogno:
Currently located in Bowling Green, OH
Contrabass, 1993 1995
Jason Inhat:
Pit/Front Line, 1991 - 1996
Amy "Amy Jo" Jackson:
Mellophone, 1996
Clay Johnson:
Currently located in Daytona Beach, FL
Cymbals, 1993
Percussion Staff, 1994


Lisa “Izzy” Johnson:
Currently located in Allegan, MI
Colorguard, 1996
Jenny Kaminski:
Currently located in Fraser, MI
Soprano, 1993
Valerie Keiser:
Currently located in Ferndale, MI
Colorguard, 1995
Paul Keiser:
Currently located in Hazel Park, MI
Baritone, 1990 - 1994
Eric Kennaugh:
Currently located in Cleveland, OH
Visual/Marching Staff, 1995
William Kidd:
Visual/Marching Staff, 1989 1990 1992
Joe Kuerzi:
Corps Director, 1995-1998
Blair Kuhn:
Snare, 1983 1984 1985
Marching Keyboards, 1982
Visual Caption Head, 1995 1996
Visual/Marching Staff, 1991 - 1994
Krista Lange Provenzano:
Currently located in Tucson, AZ
Pit/Front Line, 1991 1992
Currently designing missiles at Raytheon in Tucson, AZ

Tammie Lehner Merchant:

Currently located in Grand Rapids, MI
Pit/Front Line, 1983 1984
Divorced, mother of 3 (2 boys Christopher-11, Zachary-12; and 1 daughter DaKodah-9)
Currently working as an Administrative Assistant/Production Accountant. Sure miss all my corps family!! Jill, Barb, Les, Kevin. .etc. . .where are you guys???

Jeff Leidlein:

Currently located in Ann Arbor, MI
Soprano, 1985 - 1991
Horn Sergeant, 1988 1990 1991
Drum Major, 1989
Visual/Marching Staff,
Paul LeVasseur:
Mellophone, 1989 1990
Jason "Pointy" Lundgren:
Snare, 1995 1996
Josh Lundgren:
Baritone, 1996
Eric Lutey:
Currently located in Davison, MI
Soprano, 1992 1993 1994
Tour Consultant that provides tours to student music groups all over the US and Canada. I work for a company called Travel Adventures. We are one of the largest students tour operators in the mid-west, providing trips to nearly 65,000 students a year. Please feel free to offer this info to any alumni and friends.
Work phone: 800.356.2737 x131
Sharon “Worf” Lysogorski MacDermaid:
Currently located in Lowell, MI
Soprano, 1992 1993
Married August 8, 1998 to Scott MacDermaid. Teaching 6th grade Science and Math at Lowell Middle School in the Grand Rapids Area.


Kindred "Kinnie" Mahoney:
Currently located in Ferndale, MI
Colorguard, 1996
Northcoast Academy member, 1999-2000


Gregory Markley:
Currently located in Washington, DC
Snare, 1987
U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps
David Matt:
Currently located in St. Clair Shores, MI
Soprano, 1989
William “Mole” Maurer:
Currently located in Haslett, MI
Scott May:
Soprano, 1979 1980
Ken Mazur:
Snare, 1974
David McBurney:
Currently located in Inverness, FL
Soprano, 1977
Sean McCarthy:
Currently located in Washington, DC
Soprano, 1995 1996
Theatre electrician -- graduated Bowling Green 1998


Brett McDonald:
Currently located in Okemos, MI
Jason McIntosh:
Currently located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Colorguard Caption Head, 1995 1996
Mike Melnick:
Currently located in Gaylord, MI
Visual/Marching Staff, 1985 1986
Visual Caption Head, 1987 - 1989
Band Director with Gaylord Community Schools
Robert Moore:
Pit/Front Line, 1993 1994
Dave Morgan:
Cymbals, 1984
Peter Nielsen:
Soprano, 1979 1980
Ray Novak:
Currently located in Stillwater, OK
Tenors, 1996
Stacey “Stacky” O'Connor:
Currently located in Troy, MI
Colorguard, 1995 1996
Joe Ober:
Currently located in Pittsburgh, PA
Contrabass, 1987 1988 1989
Scott Owens:
Brass Staff, 1995
Lauren "Bouffa" Parks:
Currently located in Clinton, MI
Soprano, 1995
Mellophone, 1996
Currently at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI near Grand Rapids.
Audrey Pecott:
Colorguard, 1995 1996
Emily Penton:
Currently located in VanWert, OH
Mellophone, 1994 1995
Steve "Sterch" Perkins:
Baritone, 1995
Nathan Perry:
Currently located in Toledo, OH
Mellophone, 1995
Barb Pilmore:
Baritone, 1989 1990 1991 1992


Robert Pilmore:
Currently located in Cudahy, WI
Soprano, 1990
See also my sister Barb and her husband Russ Braman-both marched.
Natalie Ponder:
Currently located in Cass City, MI
Soprano, 1995
Krista Lange Provenzano:
Currently located in Tucson, AZ
Pit/Front Line, 1991 1992
Currently designing missiles at Raytheon in Tucson, AZ
Jason Rayens:
Currently located in Ft. Stewart, GA
Soprano, 1991 1992
Currently in the Army

Thomas Rea:

Soprano, 1992
Kristen Rebbeck:
Currently located in Tecumseh, MI
Colorguard Captain, 1995 1996


Jennifer "Deloris" Reese:
Soprano, 1994
Heather Parks Robel:
Currently located in Green Bush, MI
Colorguard, 1988 1990
Ric Roberts:
Contrabass, 1980 - 1986
Horn Sergeant, 1983 1984 1985 1986
Drum Major, 1987
Visual/Marching Staff, 1988 1989 1990
Visual Caption Head, 1991 1992 1993
Corps Director, 1991 1992 1993
Shannon Ruffin Roberts:
Colorguard, 1988 1989 1990
Married to John Roberts (Ric Roberts’ brother) for three years
Have a 2-year-old son named Zack
Cedric Rogers:
Snare, 1984 1985 1986
James Rogers:
Currently located in Frederick, MD
Pit/Front Line, 1993
I am currently a Police Officer for the Washingon D.C. Metropolitan Police Dept.

Chris Rohn:

Currently located in West Bloomfield, MI
Baritone, 1994
Scott “Rhino” Rorek:
Currently located in Eldridge, IA
Contrabass, 1983
A member of the Racine Kilties and March my last year here!
Lee Rouman:
Soprano, 1980
Larry Rouse:
Currently located in Haleyville, AL
Soprano, 1982 1983
I am living in Alabama with my 2 daughters, Gema (11) & Krystine (9). Working for a healthcare company in accounting & also part-time as a licensed nurse. Hi to "all" from 82-83 Saginaires.


Tim Rugenstein:
Currently located in Royal Oak, MI
Snare, 1992 1995
Drum Sergeant, 1995
Jeremy Rugenstein:
Bass Drum, 1994
Tricia Sakala:
Currently located in Chicago, IL
Colorguard, 1988
Roxanne Sakala Murray:
Currently located in Chicago, IL
Colorguard, 1987

Derek "Ollie" Sangster:

Currently located in KAILUA, HI
Baritone, 1979 1980
John Schaefer:
Mellophone, 1977 1978
Tympani, 1977 1978
Soprano, 1970 - 1976
Andrea “Andie” Shepherd Schroff:
Currently located in Royal Oak, MI
Soprano, 1992
Colorguard, 1993
Ellen Schueller:
Currently located in Fowler, MI
Baritone, 1980 1981 1982
Colorguard, 1983
Ivan Scott:
Bass Drum, 1975
Tympani, 1976
Snare, 1977 1978 1979
Donna Cratsenburg Scott:
Currently located in Marietta, OH
Mellophone, 1983 - 1987
M. Scott Sedam:
Bass Drum, 1989
Jon Shaw:
Currently located in Novi, MI
Baritone, 1995
Contrabass, 1996
I'm starting my second tour season with the Madison Scouts, marching Euphonium.
Cory Shear:
Currently located in Flint, MI
Contrabass, 1988 1989
Josh Shinabarger:
Currently located in , SC
Drum Line
Becky Simko:
Currently located in Clinton, MI
Baritone, 1996
Thomas Sims:
1972 - 1979
Ian Smith:
Baritone, 1994 1995
Robert Smith:
Currently located in Lakeland, FL
Soprano, 1988
Christopher "CC" Snyder:
Currently located in Bowling Green, OH
Mellophone, 1993
Drum Major, 1994 1995 1996
Soprano, 1996
Laura Sosnowski:
Colorguard, 1994
Christina Atkinson Spitzley:
Currently located in Dewitt, MI
Colorguard, 1980 - 1986
Rob "Hightower" Stawski:
Currently located in Novi, MI
Bass Drum, 1995
Pit/Front Line, 1995
Jay "Mufasa" Summers:
Currently located in Fort Wayne, IN
Brass Staff, 1996
Mark Surprenant:
Currently located in Ann Arbor, MI
Pit/Front Line, 1990
Stephanie Atkinson Thelen:
Currently located in Dewitt, MI
Colorguard, 1979 - 1984, 1986
Drum Major, 1985
Worked as Color Guard instructor for two years for the Saginaires Eagles. Still work with a local high school color guard. Work at Michigan State University and can hear the Spartan Marching Band in the fall.
Beth Neal Thomas:
Currently located in Saginaw, MI
Colorguard Captain, 1986 1987 1988 1990 1992
Visual/Marching Staff, 1993
Chris "CT" Thompson:
Currently located in Holt, MI
Brass Arranger
Percussion Arranger
Jim Tobias:
Baritone, 1979 1980
Archie Tullos:
Currently located in Pacoima, CA
Other, 1973 1974
Baritone, 1975
Drum Major, 1976 1977 1978
All I know is when I was wearing the Drum Major Uniform, I couldn't keep the girls off me.....When I took off the uniform in 1979, I couldn't get any of them take look......Yep, it must have been the uniform......
The web-site is wonderful. I feel like I've found my lost family.
Currently work as a (Weekend) Manager for FEDEX. Yep, the skills learned in Drum Corps are easily applied to ensure a successful life!!!!


Curt Underwood:
Contrabass, 1991
Daniel Voelker:
Currently located in Lake in the Hills, IL
Bass Drum, 1976 1977 1981
Snare, 1980


Jennifer Volpe:
Currently located in Madison Heights, MI
Mellophone, 1993
Drum Major, 1994 - 1996


Ed Warren:
Currently located in Brooklyn, MI
Drill Design
Roger Waskoviak:
Soprano, 1966 - 1976
Ray Waskoviak:
French Horn, 1966 - 1976
Rob Waskoviak:
Currently located in Flint, MI
Drumline, 1965 - 1969
Drum Major, 1969 - 1974
Robert Waskoviak, Sr.:
Currently located in Saginaw, MI
CEO, 1965 - present
Kevin Wells:
Currently located in Cheboygan, MI
Bass Drum, 1989
Tenors, 1991
Pit/Front Line, 1994
Brenna Wheeler:
Pit/Front Line, 1996
Tracy Wiggins:
Currently located in Homewood, AL
Percussion Staff, 1996


Mike Wigle:
Volunteer, 1995
Mike "Wonka" Willey:
Cymbals, 1994
Steve Yoder:
Drill Design, 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1986 1987
Director, Northcoast Winterguard, 1998 1999
Larry Yunker:
Currently located in Holland, OH
Pit/Front Line, 1986 1987 1988

Rod Zamarron:

Currently located in Worthington, OH
French Horn, 1983