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3rd Annual Alumni Picnic
16 June 2001: Loomis Park, Jackson, MI


The Picnic

Paul Keiser
(baritone, 1990-94) tries his hand at a piston-rotor mellophone
Tina Hurd
(soprano, 1994)
Steve Faber
(baritone, 1983)

The Alumni (and families) hope for more people to arrive... Mr. Matthews
(Tina Hurd's stepfather) discusses the prospects of establishing a corps in SE Michigan
The Alumni: Steve Faber, Tina Hurd, Diana Cook (soprano, 1995-96), and Paul Keiser (with son Liam) The Whole Gang:
[top row] Tina Hurd, Mr. & Mrs. Matthews, Steve Hurd, Diana Cook
[bottom row] Sonya Ferris, the Matthews children, and Paul Keiser (with son Liam Ferris Keiser)


The Show

Capitol Regiment: Shakos The Bluecoats The Bluecoats: Mellophones

The Phantom Regiment: Baritones Southwind: Baritones The Colts: Battery (posing)

The Madison Scouts:
Colorguard & Drumline
Drum Majors: Front and Center!