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Saginaires Alumni Association Newsletter -- 21 September 1998
Volume 1, Number 1

SYO news:

This winter, the SYO is creating a winter drumline, "Diddle Dogs," and a winterguard, "Northcoast." The first Diddle Dogs rehearsal will be held December 4-6 1998 at a site to still be determined. Audition music is available by contacting Joe Kuerzi at either the corps hall or at To receive information regarding Northcoast, contact Steve Yoder at Please, support these groups and consider actively recruiting, or just keep them in mind when opportunities for recruitment arise.

Alumni news:

If you would like the SAA to reach you via US Mail on occasion, or if you would like your fellow alumni to know where you've moved since corps, e-mail the corps with your mailing address and phone number. Note: this is purely optional. Your complete mailing address and phone number will not appear on the web page -- only the city and state, and no salesperson will come to visit you. The full information is purely for the use of the SAA and SYO. Also, if you would care to post some relevant information about yourself -- where you're employed, other corps you've marched, family life, etc. -- feel free to e-mail the webmaster (at the corps address) with this info. Soon there will be a (working) form on the webpage with which to submit this information, but until then, e-mailing will suffice.

The SAA is actively working to be recognized by and to assist the Saginaires Youth Organization. If you would care to be a part of these initial stages of formation, please contact the webmaster at We especially need a CPA (or anyone with significant accounting experience) to assist in financial and legal planning. Anyone with a desire to see the Saginaires Youth Organization prosper is invited to assist, however.

What exactly is this Saginaires Alumni Association?

The SAA was conceived by Paul Keiser, Dan Clouse, and myself [Diana Cook] in an attempt to see Northern Aurora prosper once more. The main purposes of the organization, as outlined in the minutes of the first meeting, are:

  • Financial/Social outlet for alumni [annual SAA picnic at Ypsilanti DCI show, et al.]
  • Volunteer Base for Northern Aurora
  • Assistance in NA recruitment

The exact logistics have yet to be determined, as this organization is still in its first stages. However, it has been decided that no donations or fees will be required for membership. Anyone whose whereabouts have been made known to the SAA is automatically considered a member. Should any member choose not to receive the Alumni Newsletter, they will be removed from the mailing list with no questions asked. Any questions regarding the SAA may be referred to this e-mail address (

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