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Saginaw Youth Band
First Draft of PR Material

All materials here have been created exclusively by yours truly, with no pilfering from online clipart galleries or font sites. The software and fonts used were those available on BGSU lab computers, and the ideas are entirely my own. So, now that the disclaimer's out of the way...

Logo #1:

Logo #1 features the name in a strong font, Impact, set off by a shaded oblong background. The line art trumpet serves to reinforce to the audience that this is a musical ensemble, and the tag line tells where exactly the ensemble is from.

Mildly generic and mildly effective, in my opinion.

Logo #2:

Logo #2 is a simpler, more classic approach. The initials and the text below are in a more sophisticated font, Harrington, and the smaller text is spaced more widely. There is no obvious visual reference to music, although an appropriate gray background (treble clef, music notes, staff, etc.) could and perhaps should be added.

This is actually my personal favorite, although Logo #3 took the most time to create. I personally tend to be drawn more toward the classy graphics--I suppose it all depends on whether we're targeting the 7th-8th-9th graders or the Juniors and Seniors in high school.

Logo #3:

Logo #3 is the most visually complex logo of the three. The shaded triangular background sets off the name of the group while the points of the triangle draw the eye out and around to the each of the instruments.

I thought I would be much more impressed with this one than I ended up. I think the fonts are still wrong, and the text just looks oddly placed to me. This logo has potential, though.

All in all, I think I'd prefer Logo #2, with some alterations. Adding a treble clef to the background, for instance, or some eighth notes. It's the simplest, but I think it's the most eyecatching and classy.

Let me know via email what you guys think, OK? Once we get a logo and a style decided upon, I can start finalizing what I want the initial posters and propaganda to look like.

-- Diana M. Cook