Northern Aurora drum and bugle corps

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As there has been no occasion to update this page for over a year, the site has been undergoing a redesign. The new site is strictly an alumni archive, with photos, articles, scores, repertoires, and other remembrances from years past. Features include a more functional message board, as well as an updated design. The old site will remain up long enough for incoming links to be updated. Be assured that all information on the old site will be available on the new.

The e-mail address previously reserved for alumni updates and web contacts is now defunct. The same is true for the contact form on this site. Unfortunately, this will mean rebuilding the alumni database, and recontacting alumni for updated information. Hopefully this, along with the new message board, will facilitate better communication between alumni.

Anyone interested in contributing information, articles, photos, or other memorabilia can contact me via e-mail.

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