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 NA/Saginaires Alumni

Are you an alumni and/or former staff member who would like to be included on this page? Tell the webmaster via e- mail or fill out the form, and you'll be included ASAP! Listing includes a free membership in the newly-formed Saginaires Alumni Association, which provides quarterly e-mail newsletters and occasional goodies via U.S. Mail.

Unlinked e-mail addresses are the last known e-mail address and are no longer active. If you have information regarding these individuals, please contact the webmaster.

A-J ~ K-Z

Jenny Kaminski
Fraser, MI
Soprano, 1993  
Valerie Keiser
Ferndale, MI
Colorguard, 1995  
Paul Keiser
Hazel Park, MI
Baritone, 1990-1994  
Eric Kennaugh
Cleveland, OH
Visual/Marching Staff, 1995
William Kidd

Visual/Marching Staff, 1989 1990 1992
Ed Killian
Waterford, MI
Jo "Jo Marcher" Kleinschmidt Booth
Bay City, MI
Soprano, 1972 1973 1974
Mellophone, 1975 1976 1978 1979
Jamie Kleinschmidt Chamberlin
Colorguard, 1978-1983  
Casey Krick
White Lake, MI
Joe Kuerzi

Corps Director,
Blair Kuhn
Snare, 1983 1984 1985
Marching Keyboards, 1982
Visual Caption Head, 1995 1996
Visual/Marching Staff, 1991 1992 1993 1994
Krista Lange Provenzano
Tucson, AZ
Pit/Front Line, 1991 1992 Currently designing missiles at Raytheon in Tucson, AZ
Andrew Latchana
Linden, MI
Carrie Lathers
Farmington, MI
Andrew Lee
Davison, MI
Tammie Lehner Flood
Grand Rapids, MI
Pit/Front Line, 1983 1984 Mother of 3 (2 boys Christopher-12, Zachary-13; and 1 daughter DaKodah-10). Remarried on August 11, 2000 Currently working as an Administrative Assistant/ Production Accountant. Sure miss all my corps family!! Jill, Barb, Les, Kevin. .etc. . .where are you guys???
Jeff Leidlein
Ann Arbor, MI
Soprano, 1985-1991
Horn Sergeant, 1988 1990 1991
Drum Major, 1989
Visual/Marching Staff,
Paul LeVasseur
Mellophone, 1989 1990  
Kris Logue
Junction City, KY
Jason "Poindexter" Lundgren
Ann Arbor, MI
Snare, 1995 1996  
Josh Lundgren
Baritone, 1996  
Eric Lutey
Davison, MI
Soprano, 1992 1993 1994 Tour Consultant that provides tours to student music groups all over the US and Canada. I work for a company called Travel Adventures. We are one of the largest students tour operators in the mid-west, providing trips to nearly 65,000 students a year. Please feel free to offer this info to any alumni and friends.
Work phone: 800.356.2737 x131
Sharon ³Worf² Lysogorski MacDermaid
Lowell, MI
Soprano, 1992 1993 Marched Soprano for the Crossmen 1994. Married Scott MacDermaid Aug. 08, 1998. Graduated CMU Dec. 1998. Started teaching at Lowell Middle School Fall 1999. Currently teaching 7th grade Math. Bought our first house in July of 1999 and got a puppy (Sydney) in November of 1999. We just had our first child on Feb. 01, 2001 Evan Michael MacDermaid. 5:05am 1lb. 15oz. 12.5 inches long. (3 months early) Check out his web site.
Kindred "Kinnie" Mahoney
Ferndale, MI
Colorguard, 1996 Northcoast Academy member, 1999-2000
Lisa Maier
White Lake, MI
Gregory Markley
Fairfax, VA
Snare, 1987 U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps
Leif Marwede
Suwanne, GA
Marching Keyboards, 1980 1981
Snare, 1982
Percussion Staff, 1985
Leif Marwede
Manager of Software Engineering
LeisureTime Casinos & Resorts

Marching Member
75 - Iron Brigade
77 - Centurions
80-82 - Saginaires
83-84 - Phantom Regiment
86 - Blue Devils

Percussion Instructor
87-95, 97 - Cavaliers
98,99 - Cadets
00-01 - Spirit of Atlanta
Tina Mathews Hurd
Ypsilanti, MI
Soprano, 1994  
David Matt
St. Clair Shores, MI
Soprano, 1989  
William ³Mole² Maurer
Haslett, MI
Scott May
Soprano, 1979 1980  
Ken Mazur
Snare, 1974  
David McBurney
Inverness, FL
Soprano, 1977  
Sean McCarthy
Washington, DC
Soprano, 1995 1996 Theatre electrician -- graduated Bowling Green 1998
Brett McDonald
Okemos, MI

Jason McIntosh
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Colorguard Caption Head, 1995 1996
Mike Melnick
Gaylord, MI

Visual/Marching Staff, 1985 1986
Visual Caption Head, 1987 1988 1989
Band Director with Gaylord Community Schools
Kristen Miller Bielski
Mellophone, 1979 1980 1981 1982
Visual/Marching Staff, 1990 1991 1992
Lee Mitchell
Novi, MI
Amy Momsen
Austin, TX
Colorguard, 1973 1974 1975  
Eric Montgomery
Madison, IN
Drum Line, 1987  
Robert Moore
Pit/Front Line, 1993 1994  
David Morgan
Ashburn, VA
Cymbals, 1984  
Beth Neal Thomas
Saginaw, MI
Colorguard, 1986 1987 1988
Colorguard Captain, 1990 1992
Visual/Marching Staff, 1993
Peter Nielsen
Soprano, 1979 1980  
Ray Novak
Stillwater, OK
Tenors, 1996  
Stacey ³Stacky² O'Connor
Troy, MI
Colorguard, 1995 1996  
Joe Ober
Pittsburgh, PA
Contrabass, 1987 1988 1989  
Scott Owens

Brass Staff, 1995
Tim Palmer
Shelby Twp., MI
Baritone, 1979 Currently an engineer in Troy, MI, living in Shelby Twp., MI
Lauren "Bouffa" Parks
Soprano, 1995
Mellophone, 1996
Heather Parks Robel
Green Bush, MI
Colorguard, 1988 1990  
Audrey Pecott
Chicago, IL
Colorguard, 1995 1996  
Emily Penton
VanWert, OH
Mellophone, 1994 1995  
Steve "Sterch" Perkins
Bowling Green, OH
Baritone, 1995 96 Bluecoats Bari/Contra
Working as an industrial maintenance technician for a major air freight company. Feel free to contact me for Toledo area events
Nathan Perry
Toledo, OH
Mellophone, 1995  
Lecia Pierce
Greenwood, SC
Barb Pilmore
Richmond, VA
Baritone, 1989 1990 1991 1992  
Robert Pilmore
Cudahy, WI
Soprano, 1990 See also my sister Barb and her husband Russ Braman-both marched.
Natalie Ponder Cornish
E. Lansing, MI
Soprano, 1995  
Becky Potter
El Paso, TX
Jill Powers Louis
Pit/Front Line, 1983
Tenors, 1984
Micah Prout
Bridgeport, MI
Kyle Ranville
Davison, MI
Jason Rayens
Ft. Stewart, GA
Soprano, 1991 1992 Currently in the Army
Thomas Rea
Soprano, 1992  
Kristen Rebbeck
Tecumseh, MI
Colorguard Captain, 1995 1996  
Jennifer "Deloris" Reese
Soprano, 1994  
Matt Ricketts
Morton, IL
Ric Roberts
Contrabass, 1980-1986
Horn Sergeant, 1983 1984 1985 1986
Drum Major, 1987
Visual/Marching Staff, 1988 1989 1990
Visual Caption Head, 1991 1992 1993
Corps Director, 1991 1992 1993
Cedric Rogers
Snare, 1984 1985 1986  
James Rogers
Frederick, MD
Pit/Front Line, 1993 I am currently a Police Officer for the Washingon D.C. Metropolitan Police Dept.
Chris Rohn
Detroit, MI
Baritone, 1994 I'm finishing my architecture degree from the University of Detroit.  I am a weekend disc jockey at Detroit's Leland City Club.
Scott ³Rhino² Rorek
Eldridge, IA
Contrabass, 1983 A member of the Racine Kilties and March my last year here!
Dana Ross Boutwell
Herrin, IL
Colorguard, 1992 1994  
Lee Rouman
Soprano, 1980  
Larry Rouse
Haleyville, AL
Soprano, 1982 1983 I am living in Alabama with my 2 daughters, Gema (11) & Krystine (9). Working for a healthcare company in accounting & also part-time as a licensed nurse. Hi to "all" from 82-83 Saginaires.
Ray Ruddy
New Lathrop, MI
Shannon Ruffin Roberts
Colorguard, 1988 1989 1990 Married to John Roberts (Ric Robertsı brother) for three years. Have a 2-year-old son named Zack.
Tim Rugenstein
Royal Oak, MI
Snare, 1992 1995
Drum Sergeant, 1995
Jeremy Rugenstein
Bass Drum, 1994  
Tricia Sakala
Chicago, IL
Colorguard, 1988  
Roxanne Sakala Murray
Chicago, IL
Colorguard, 1987  
Derek "Ollie" Sangster
Oceanside, CA
John Schaefer
Mellophone, 1977 1978
Tympani, 1977 1978
Soprano, 1970-1976
Todd Schneider
Jacksonville, FL
Bass Drum, 1981 1982
Tenors, 1983
Snare, 1984
I was pre-pube in '81. Larry remembers. I'm looking for Jets, Chris, and m-m-m-Matt. Ahhh...fond memories. Found Leslie...need to find Rich Hogan, Steve Wilson, The Fitz', et al. I know where to find Germ if you need him.
Ellen Schueller
Fowler, MI
Baritone, 1980 1981 1982
Colorguard, 1983
Amy Schwab
Northville, MI
Ivan Scott
Bass Drum, 1975
Tympani, 1976
Snare, 1977 1978 1979
M. Scott Sedam
Bass Drum, 1989  
Ryan Sedler
Saginaw, MI
Chris Sego
Clermont, FL
Soprano, 1990 I marched Soprano in '90. I currently teach middle school band in Central FL. I still hate Wisconsin and those d__n mosquitos!
Jon Shaw
Novi, MI
Baritone, 1995
Contrabass, 1996
I'm starting my second tour season with the Madison Scouts, marching Euphonium.
Cory Shear
Flint, MI
Contrabass, 1988 1989  
Andrea ³Andie² Shepherd Schroff
Royal Oak, MI
Soprano, 1992
Colorguard, 1993
Josh Shinabarger
Drum Line,  
Becky Simko
Clinton, MI
Baritone, 1996  
Thomas Sims
, 1972-1979  
Ian Smith
Baritone, 1994 1995  
Robert Smith
Lakeland, FL
Soprano, 1988 Marched the following year with Limited Edition in 1989. I didn't have the transportation to travel up north that year. So I marched witha corps closer to home. I truly wished I had marched with NA. Well I've got an audition with Heat Wave of Orlando. Wish me luck! I haven't played a horn since 92. Also my sister, Cherie Smith, marched the same year. She helped with props and the Color Guard in 88. I also received a associate's degree in Criminal Science from Florida Metropolitan University, and have ten classes from my bachelor's degree from the same uiversity. Than I'm heading back to Ohio for my Forensic Pathology Degree at Ohio State University. I'm married to Karla Lea Smith of Polk City, Florida. I currently work for Correctional Services Corporation-FT & Walt Disney World-PT. I've performed in the Candlelight Processional at Walt Disney World since 1998. And if anyone hears from Michelle Kincaid (Maiden Name), please tell her I said Hi! And for her to ! e-mail me!
Christopher "CC" Snyder
Bowling Green, OH
Mellophone, 1993
Drum Major, 1994 1995 1996
Soprano, 1996
Laura Sosnowski
Colorguard, 1994  
Rob "Hightower" Stawski
Stillwater, OK
Bass Drum, 1995
Pit/Front Line, 1995
Going to school at Oklahoma State until December 2000
Valerie Stoney
Trenton, MI
Jay "Mufasa" Summers
Fort Wayne, IN

Brass Staff, 1996
Mark Surprenant
Ann Arbor, MI
Pit/Front Line, 1990  
Ed Tappan
Jackson, MI
Soprano, 1995  
Chris "CT" Thompson
Holt, MI

Brass Arranger,
Percussion Arranger,
Jim Tobias
Baritone, 1979 1980  
Glen Toumaala
Cincinnati, OH
Mary Tracy
Mt. Morris, MI
Archie Tullos
Pacoima, CA
Other, 1973 1974
Baritone, 1975
Drum Major, 1976 1977 1978
All I know is when I was wearing the Drum Major Uniform, I couldn't keep the girls off me.....When I took off the uniform in 1979, I couldn't get any of them take look......Yep, it must have been the uniform......
The web-site is wonderful. I feel like I've found my lost family.
Currently work as a (Weekend) Manager for FEDEX. Yep, the skills learned in Drum Corps are easily applied to ensure a successful life!!!!
Curt Underwood
West Bloomfield, MI
Contrabass, 1991  
Amanda Underwood
White Lake, MI
John Upham
Kalamazoo, MI
Daniel Voelker
Lake in the Hills, IL
Bass Drum, 1976 1977 1981
Snare, 1980
Jennifer Volpe
Madison Heights, MI
Mellophone, 1993
Drum Major, 1994 1995 1996
Ed Warren
Brooklyn, MI

Drill Design,
Roger Waskoviak
Houston, TX
Soprano, 1966 1967-1976 Currently living in Brazil
Ray Waskoviak
French Horn, 1966 1967-1976  
Rob Waskoviak
Flint, MI
Drumline, 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969
Drum Major, 1969-1974
Robert Waskoviak, Sr.
Saginaw, MI

James "Moose" Webb
Saginaw, MI
Tympani, 1975 1976
Snare, 1977
Lani Weingartner Drake
Baritone, 1996  
Kevin Wells
Cheboygan, MI
Bass Drum, 1989
Tenors, 1991
Pit/Front Line, 1994
Brenna Wheeler
Pit/Front Line, 1996  
Tracy Wiggins
Homewood, AL

Percussion Staff, 1996
Mike Wigle

Volunteer, 1995
Mike "Wonka" Willey
Cymbals, 1994  
Bradley Wirth
Lewisvillw, TX
Snare, 1980 1981 1982 Married "Fonda", two kids (David '91 & Darby '95)
Working @ Bank One
Carrie Yarger Breault
Naples, FL
Colorguard, 1972 1973 1974  
Steve Yoder
Saginaw, MI

Drill Design, 1978-1982, 1986 1987
Director, Northcoast Winterguard, 1998 1999 2000
Larry Yunker
Holland, OH
Pit/Front Line, 1986 1987 1988  
Rod Zamarron
Columbus, OH
French Horn, 1983 I now live in Columbus, OH where I work as a broadcaster, advertising writer, speechwriter, web page designer and speaking/presentation/marketing consultant.