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During the summer of 1998, two Northern Aurora Alumni found themselves on the phone, talking to one another about drumcorps. Dan and Diana had aged out of separate Top 12 corps in 1997, due to the fact that NA hadn't fielded a competitive unit that summer. However, both of them felt that, while marching Top 12 had been a pleasant accomplishment, NA had been their true family. They vowed that they would see that family come together again.

Dan and Diana happened to come in contact with Paul over the internet. This NA alumni craved drumcorps to such a degree that he had been planning to start his own corps. He jumped at the prospect of helping to resurrect NA and of building an alumni base to help the Saginaires Youth Organization do just that.

The three alumni met in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to discuss the possiblities of an alumni association. There, on August 30, 1998, the Saginaires Alumni Association was founded.

The Initial Purpose of the SAA:

  • Financial/Social outlet for alumni
    (Annual Picnic at Ypsilanti show)
  • Volunteer Base for Northern Aurora
  • Assistance in NA recruitment






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